Agile Leadership Training

We give leaders the tools and insights they need to equip, engage, and empower their teams to achieve excellence. Leadership development is a journey, and we are here to help navigate. Let the adventure begin.

Here at Calibyr, we are passionate about continuous improvement and thus proud to announce that Calibyr Courses is now an authorized Atlassian Silver Solution Partner! This means that we are accredited by Atlassian to provide advanced product knowledge, specialized training, and customized solutions for you and your team.

We have team members who are experienced in using Atlassian products in the field and bring this expertise to the learning paths and courses. Additionally, our Instructional Designer is an Atlassian Certified Professional in Managing Jira Projects for Cloud as well as an Atlassian Certified Jira Project Administrator for Data Center and Server.

Our goal is to help you feel equipped with the proven tools and processes, engaged in continuous improvement, and empowered to lead with confidence and consistency.


Individual Contributors
Individual Contributors

Team member who wants to encourage the adoption of process improvements.

Team Leaders
Team Leaders

New team lead looking for foundational understanding or experienced team lead who wants to continue improving.

Organizational Leaders
Organizational Leaders

Portfolio manager who wants to create organizational change.


Confidently configure and interpret Jira Reports using our comprehensive one-page reference guides. Designed by our Atlassian Certified Professional, this guide integrates key information and insights to accelerate comprehension and implementation.

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Jira Query Language:

Comprehensive Guide + Coaching

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Jira Report Guides:

Managing Workload: 6 Guide Bundle

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Jira Report Guides:

The Complete Set: 18 Guide Bundle + Coaching

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