Our Mission

Calibyr is a Woman-Owned Small Business delivering innovative solutions in full-stack software development, integration and testing, and cloud deployments. Calibyr engineers are industry leaders in designing, implementing, securing, and testing applications across domains. Our hybrid Agile methodology for project execution minimizes acquisition risk through customer requirements discovery and continuous delivery.

Our Values

We respect our customers, our employees, our partners, and our communities. We recognize that without mutual respect and openness to ideas, trust and innovation cannot thrive. We actively collaborate with our customer to achieve successful outcomes.
Our Customers trust us to deliver results. Successful delivery is built on a foundation of trust, communication, and accountability.
No matter the situation, we live our values through our words, actions, methods, and decisions. Our commitment to integrity allows us to serve our people and our customers well.
We empower each member of our team to contribute their innovative ideas. We ensure that the team is engaged in understanding customer needs in order to innovate.
Continuous Improvement
We embrace the Agile practice of retrospectives to identify and respond to opportunities to grow and improve. We empower every member of the team to be bold in sharing their feedback and ideas.
We are engaged in the continually evolving technological landscape. We are not afraid to embrace new technologies or methodologies in order to better serve our Customers and our people.

Say Hello!

Send us a note at hello@calibyrcorp.com to learn more about Calibyr.